10 tips for reducing office waste

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Although recycling office waste is far better than sending it for disposal, it’s important to think about the amount of waste you’re producing in the first place – and try to cut down. Reducing and eliminating the amount of waste you produce will also cut your purchase and disposable costs.


  1. Use Both sides of the Paper

Whether you’re printing, using a photocopier or using the traditional pen and paper method, using both sides will reduce your overall paper waste by 50%


  1. Offer Paper Recycling

From regular office waste, to old newspapers, phone directories and confidential documents, depositing of unwanted paper in the right way not only helps to save the trees but you could earn money from it.


  1. Switch from Paper Towels to Hand Towels

Whilst washing your hand towels may be more effort in the long run, switching will help you to reduce the amount of paper products you waste.


  1. Invest in good quality bins

Having high quality, labeled bins helps staff to determine which rubbish should be put where. This will help your offices recycling effort and reduce the amount of waste you’re producing.


  1. Pre-Cycle your Supplies

Choose and purchase your supplies based on the ease of recycling. Think about both the product and the packaging it comes in, then once you’re finished with it, you know to put it in the recycling and not the waste bin.


  1. Fluorescent Lamps are Recyclable

Plenty of offices have now made the switch to LED lighting, however if you’re not so fancy – chances are you’re still using fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent lamps contain mercury, and just one tube contains enough mercury to contaminate up to 30,000 litres of water.


  1. Recycle old equipment

Almost all parts of a computer can be recycled, so why would you throw it in the bin? Safe disposal of IT equipment is essential, from computers, printers, TVs and DVDs they can all be recycled in compliance with the WEEE Recycling legislation.


  1. Remove personal bins

By moving personal bins from under each desk, staff are more likely to use the recycling facilities provided rather than go to the most convenient option.


  1. Make staff waste aware

Run a recycling awareness day and teach your employees what recycling efforts you’re making to improve the office. Explain to them the benefits on them, the office and the environment.



  1. Find a recycling waste contractor

DJB offers a total waste management solution for all types of businesses throughout the UK. With the launch of our new ‘collect and drop off’ service, we take care of everything. We supply dedicated wheelie bins letting you easily separate your general waste, dry mixed recycling and cardboard and paper.