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The countdown to Christmas is on! Christmas is quickly creeping up on us and so is the waste piling up in our bins. During the month of December we produce more waste than any other time of the year, and a lot of it can be recycled. That’s why we’re counting down to Christmas with our top tips of on recycling this festive season.


1. Recycling six mince pie foil cases will save you enough energy to watch EastEnders on Christmas Day.

Who doesn’t love a good Christmas special?


2. Choose the right sized Turkey so no food goes to waste!

2 – 2.5 kg serves 4 – 6 people

3kg serves 6 – 7 people

3.5kg serves 7 – 8 people

4 – 4.5kg serves 8 – 10 people

5 – 5.5kg serves 10 – 12 people

6 – 6.5kg serves 12 – 15 people

(Don’t forget to save enough for Boxing Day Turkey Sandwiches!)


3. Don’t bin your waste electronics after Christmas, take them to your nearest WEEE Bring Bank


4. Don’t throw unwanted Christmas presents away, take them to charity shops, sell them on or re-gift them (just remember not to send them back to the same person


5. Any meat or bones from your Turkey can be composted in a food waste caddy


6. Avoid shiny wrapping paper, the glossy or laminated gift wrap can’t be recycled


7. Shopping online this Christmas? You can break down the cardboard boxes the gifts come in and make sure they end up in the recycling pile


8. Remember the scrunch test! If you scrunch the paper in your hand and it stays in a ball, it can be recycled.


9. If you buy a real Christmas tree, make sure you replant it or have it shredded after use


10. Like newspaper, wrapping paper is great for cleaning windows and leaving them streak free (avoid using the shiny plastic stuff though)


11. Christmas cards are just the right thickness for loads of craft projects for the kids


12. You can recycle batteries at local supermarkets and at household recycling centres, or you can avoid the hassle by buying rechargeable batteries


Check back tomorrow for our new recycling tip.


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