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How to maintain a Waste Compactor

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  If your business is producing large amounts of waste, it’s likely costing you large amounts of money to dispose of. By compressing the amount of waste your business produces, waste collection is reduced and therefore the cost is also cut. A compactor is used to reduce the volume of waste and is then collected […]

3 things you didn’t know about Plastic Recycling

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Plastic. Possibly the most questionable material when it comes to recycling. With the crack down on plastic straws, China banning the importation of 20 kinds of foreign waste and Guna Yala becoming a trending topic across social media, we’re breaking down 3 things you may not have known about Plastic and Recycling.   Not ALL plastic […]

Ideas for reducing your businesses plastic consumption

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  It doesn’t matter the industry you work in; plastic waste occurs on a daily basis. In this blog we breakdown how your business can reduce the amount of plastic waste it is reducing, as well as cost effective alternatives.   Conduct a Waste Audit From hospitality to retail and every industry in between, knowing […]

Recycling Balers and their Benefits

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  Many companies benefit from recycling balers. If your business involves regular handling of waste material, recycling machinery is vital. We’ve outlined just a few benefits recycling balers have for your business, as well as breakdown the ins and outs of the machines below.   What is a Recycling Baler? Recycling Balers are used to […]

How to choose the Vertical Baler for your business

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  Ideal for reducing waste paper, cardboard, cans and plastics, vertical balers are an ideal solution for businesses looking for a smaller option to recycling. For those with limited space to accommodate recycling machines, vertical balers are easy to use, efficient and leave little environmental impact.   How much material are you producing? We provide […]

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