Automatic horizontal balers and full automatic balers

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If a business is spending more than fifty pounds a week on their waste management, an automatic baler is a good investment.

An automatic horizontal baler is designed for high volume, continuous operation. They are expected to run twenty-four hour shifts and most require only one user to operate them. A fully automatic baler can be used in conjunction with shredder and air systems and for recycling.


Automatic horizontal balers and full automatic balers

Modern machinery is designed with high tech features for optimum efficiency. They are intelligent, self-operating systems with ease of use at the core of operational management so that employees can be trained to use them quickly and safely. They have integrated programmable touch screen displays, self aligning tensions systems and built in safety diagnostic testing. They combine maximum density and volume and have optimum graded material selections.

Most models have twin power options. Giving the user the ability to operate in economy mode whereby the machine runs at half power for quiet operational periods. Most of the fully automated baler models and the automatic horizontal baler designs have integrated category three, safety systems that continuously check and monitor the safety functions of the machine. Access doors are all fitted with three interlock safety switches.

They will bale a wide variety of materials from cans and tins to paper and scrap metal and will be a viable economic asset to any expanding business. With waste management and safety paramount in their design, these balers are at the forefront of cutting edge technology and operational optimisation.