Baler VS Compactor – Which is best for your business?

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The waste management system your business chooses could be the difference between getting recycling right, and getting recycling wrong.

If your business involves regular handling of waste material, a waste compactor or baler will help make your task much easier. However, knowing the difference between the two machines will impact how each one will benefit your recycling system.

Whilst both a baler and a compactor reduce the volume of the materials through a compressing process, the key difference between the two machines is that they both process different materials.


Balers – For your Recycling

A baler is ideal for condensing recyclable materials, such as cardboard, paper, plastics, metal etc, for resale to recycling companies. The baler mechanically compresses the waste down into a tidy bale, then binds it to keep it in shape. The bales of waste that are produced can then be easily and neatly stacked and taken away to be recycled.

Balers come in a variety of sizes, all designed to accommodate different business needs.

Vertical Balers handle small to medium volumes of waste and can be operated by a single person.

Semi Auto Horizontal Balers are suitable for sites that generate high volumes of materials for recycling

Stockroom Balers don’t take up too much room and are a perfect option for retailers


After installing balers, some businesses will begin to see a significant drop in the amount of money they’re spending on waste. As well as increasing the amount your business recycles, installing a baler provides a tidier and cleaner work environment.

To read more about how Balers work visit our blog


Compactors – For your Rubbish

A compactor is used to compress large amounts of unsorted mixed waste into a container.

The waste is then picked up by a waste collector and disposed of. A compactor is used to reduce the volume of waste before being picked up by a waste collection company.

By compressing the amount of waste you produce, waste collection is reduced and therefore the cost is also cut. Compactors also reduce the number of bins and space required to manage the waste your business produces.

Compactors come in a variety of sizes and can reduce approximately 3 cubic yards of waste into 1. Since they use a single or automatic operator, compactors require little employee training.


Making the right decision

Educating yourself before contacting a waste management company is important, so you can make the right choice for your business. Before deciding whether a Baler or Compactor will suit your business better, the first thing to figure out is what problem you’re trying to solve. Are you looking to reduce waste? Are you looking to recycle more?

If you’re looking to improve your businesses recycling efforts an audit will help to streamline the entire system to save further costs.

If you still can’t decide? That’s where we come in. DJB Recycling provide a full Waste to Energy package, and ensure we provide the right waste management initiative for your business.

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