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Balers are ideal for reducing the space taken up by waste paper, waste cardboard, waste cans and plastics. The baler mechanically compresses the waste down into a tidy bale “then is binded” to keep it in shape. The  bales of waste that are produced can now be easily and neatly stacked and much more easily taken away for recycling.

To suit your own site balers are available in a range of sizes and in horizontal or vertical options. The individual baler can even be customised to your own needs and site requirements.


What are the benefits of a baler?

•    Save space on your site by putting your waste into neat, stackable bales
•    Generate an extra income from  your waste as some forms of baled waste are  worth more for recycling
•    Reduce wind-blown litter on your site
•    Improved site safety through better waste storage
•    A good step towards a better environmental policy for your business


Do I need a baler?

If you produce a lot of waste paper or cardboard a baler is ideal for getting your waste into neat compact bales, reducing the space taken up by loose material and getting you a better rate for your waste paper and cardboard as recycling companies pay a higher rate for baled waste.

If you have a lot of waste cans or plastics with a lot of air inside them then a baler is ideal to crush the waste down to its least size and allow easy removal for recycling. The space you save compared to unbaled cans and bottles, etc. is really significant. As with paper and cardboard waste, recycling companies pay a higher rate for some forms of baled waste giving you an extra benefit.


How can I buy a baler?

Balers can be bought outright from DJB Recycling but the most popular option is to lease a baler. The benefits of leasing a baler are:

•    Fixed  costs on a month by month basis allowing straightforward budgeting.
•    Lease rentals are 100% allowable against pre-tax profits enabling a minimum of 25% tax relief is available therefore reducing your overall expenditure.

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