Benefits of our ‘Waste to Energy’ Package

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Local waste lorry

When ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ isn’t possible, it’s time to find another option for discarding your waste. As part of our ‘waste to energy’ package, we ensure none of your waste goes to landfill. If we can’t recycle it, we recover the energy from your waste and send it to be converted and used as fuel.


What benefits do our ‘waste to energy’ package have on you and the environment?


  • Reduction of waste going to Landfill – the most obvious one, but by reducing the amount of waste we are sending to landfill and converting it into energy, we are saving valuable land as the ground and water will not be exposed to pollution


  • Saving you money – by reducing the amount of waste you send to landfill, you are avoiding the disposal costs and landfill taxes that come with it


  • Local Community and Economy benefits- Most ‘Waste to Energy’ plants are set up locally, benefitting the community by creating more jobs and sourcing local materials


  • Saving fuel money – As fuel is being produced from waste, it becomes obtainable and cheaper to purchase


  • Reducing carbon emissions – By generating energy from waste, you are helping to avoid the carbon emissions that would have been generated from a fossil fuel source


  • Meeting the UK’s needs – The UK has too much energy going to landfill and not enough energy to meet its needs. The waste to energy process provides a solution that addresses both of these areas


  • Increasing Independence – Following this Waste to Energy reduces the dependence on having imported energy, saving the country money when having to meet energy needs


  • Protecting the local environment – Waste handling and the energy recovery process are contained in purpose-built facilities, isolating both the environment and locals from external impacts


  • Renewable energy source- Fuel becomes easier to source as people will always have waste. Gasoline is refined from crude oil, and this is a non-renewable source, whilst the amount we have covers us for many years, the supply will eventually dry out


  • Lower Pollution Levels: Since waste is being converted into energy, it is likely to cause lower levels of pollution and therefore not cost the earth


For more on how our ‘Waste to Energy’ package can benefit your business visit our Local Waste page.