The Benefits of Waste Recycling in your Business

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We always encourage businesses to recycle as much as possible to reduce the strain on our planet, however we know how difficult the process can be for business owners. We know how annoying it is to have very little time to even sit down for a cup of coffee, never mind overhaul your businesses waste management system.


To help more business owners see the value of recycling, not just for the planet but for their company too, we’ve listed just some of the ways substituting your coffee time for ‘time to take a look at your recycling efforts’ can benefit from business waste recycling – and how, in the long run, you might have more time for coffee.


You’re more appealing

Recycling and talking about recycling is good for your business. Many customers actively search for companies who have ‘gone green’ before choosing one to do business with. By increasing your recycling efforts, you can promote your new waste management systems and see a rise in the number of enquiries you get on a daily basis. As well as customers, other businesses will also see you in a ‘greener’ light and will be happier to be connected to your company. No-one ever bonded with a customer for not recycling.


You’re spending less money

By overhauling your recycling efforts, your business can save money. The cost of having your recycling collected far out ways landfill costs. The money you save on reducing rubbish collection will add up in the long run and help you to maximise your profit margins.


You’re not fine prone

With the collection of rubbish comes a host of legal obligations – all put in place to ensure the safe disposal of harmful items. Disposing of your waste in the correct way is important to ensure your business is entirely above-board and not receiving thousands of pounds’ worth of fines. Confidential waste, such as office paperwork, WEEE recycling and disposing of fluorescent tubes are all regulated processes and can be a potential pitfall to business owners. Hiring a professional service to take care of your recycling eliminates this risk, as staff are highly trained and are able to correctly dispose of relevant materials – removing the responsibilities from your shoulders.


No mess, No Fuss

Most businesses are reluctant to recycle as they believe the process is not worth the hassle, but this doesn’t have to be the case. At DJB Recycling we make recycling as simple as possible for businesses in all sectors. We offer a total waste management solution throughout the UK, from easy to operate internal recycling systems for smaller businesses to total turnkey installations for larger organisations.


From Paper and Cardboard to WEEE Recycling, by letting us do all of the dirty work, we remove your headache, reduce your carbon footprint and save you money


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