Confidential waste

Confidential waste recycling is restricted only to paper that has been thoroughly shredded. Once shredded the waste paper then goes to paper mills for recycling. Compared with other methods of destruction and disposal, this gives secure shredding the least impact on the environment.

We also recycle other materials. This includes, but is not restricted to, branded packaging that contains identification marks, hard drives and computer media such as CD’s and USB flash drives as well as more unusual items such as fashion clothing that needs to be removed from circulation etc. Contact us for more details.

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Client Testimonials

"Since DJB came along and installed their system, we have gone from 100% landfill, to 0%.

We are saving thousands of pounds a year on recycling, compared to what we was spending on landfill."

- Peter Fewings, Technical Manager, Wembley Arena

"We partnered with DJB back in 2009 and by 2010 we had halved what went to landfill.

I am proud to say that now, nothing goes to landfill thanks to DJB, 100% is all recycled."

- Jonathan Rolfe, Operations Director, Truline

"The money we receive from recycling pays for all the equipment and the service we receive from DJB is fantastic.

Everything they promised would be done is done."

- Peter Johnson, Contracted Cleaning Manager, New Covent Garden