Disposing of Hazardous Waste in the right way

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One of the biggest recycling issues we often come across is businesses not knowing how to handle their waste, especially waste that could be potentially harmful to both us and the environment. A particular area we focus on when it comes to waste management is disposing of hazardous waste in the right way.

Hazardous waste includes any waste that possesses a serious threat to human health, animal health or the environment.

There are now a wide number of business industries that produce hazardous waste, and aren’t disposing of it safely. You may be working in an environment that produces hazardous waste but not be aware of it. Does your office use fluorescent lighting?
Fluorescent lights contain small amounts of mercury, a toxic metal that can cause damage to body organs, including the kidneys, lungs and your brain. Whilst you would need to be exposed to large amounts of mercury for it to have a serious effect on the human body, it is clear that this type of waste needs to disposed of with care.

Hazardous waste should have a completely different waste management strategy to the rest of your business disposal – and in some cases, your local council may not be able to collect all waste from you.

The nature of the hazard varies depending on the product. Computers and TV’s contain hazardous components and therefore have to be handled with care. Other types of hazardous waste may include engine oil, pet care products, paint and solvents.

Under the Hazardous Waste (England and Wales) Regulation 2005, businesses need to ensure they dispose of their waste safely. It is the responsibility of the business to keep an audit trail of their waste and hiring the right licenced service for their needs.

How DJB Recycling will help you dispose of your hazardous waste

We have a long experience in dealing with hazardous waste and can safely dispose of most common waste. This includes pesticides, oil, solvents, paints, aerosol and other fume emitting waste and can safely deal with most pre-packed materials.

Is your hazardous waste not listed above? For more information on our Hazardous Waste disposal, click here