Do you need a Cardboard Baler?

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Have you ever wondered if you need a cardboard baler?

Investing in a cardboard baler can be a big decision for your company, do we rent the baler? Do we purchase the baler? Do we lease the baler? These are all common questions when companies first look in to the possibility of having a baler to recycle their waste cardboard.

Before investing in a cardboard baler, the first thing to do is try to get the average weights (tonnages) of cardboard waste disposed of on a weekly/monthly/annual basis. Your current waste disposal service provider should be able to provide you with this information, we can also get a estimation of the weight disposed of by the size of skip/container you use for disposal along with the frequency of disposals. If you are looking to gain a rebate from your cardboard waste you will need a mill size baler, a mill size cardboard baler will bale the cardboard in to the correct specification that is required by the UK paper mills (500kg bales which are metal wire tied).

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Do you need a Cardboard Baler?

Cardboard balers, will either be a vertical baler or a horizontal baler, the horizontal models are predominantly for high end producers of cardboard waste as they can be bulk loaded either using conveyors or bin tippers keeping the labour involved in baling to a minimum. A vertical baler will be more suited to companies who do not produce the amounts of cardboard waste necessary to warrant a horizontal model but are still looking to gain a revenue from the waste cardboard they generate.

If you are currently considering purchasing a cardboard baler or have any questions in relation to balers please do not hesitate to contact us on 01143094355.

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