What is Dry Mixed Recycling? (DMR)

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Dry Mixed Recycling is a way of disposing of clean and uncontaminated recyclable materials, giving schools, colleges and businesses the ability to embrace recycling.

Whilst it may be convenient, many businesses put all their rubbish into one bin, this contaminates your recyclable materials. More likely than not, the general waste your company produces includes paper, cardboard and packaging materials. DMR is a simple and efficient way for you to dispose of your clean recyclable waste, without having to separate the contents yourself.

This method of recycling will cost your business less than it does to send your rubbish to landfill. With landfill taxes on the rise, your business will continue to save money every year through food recycling practice.

What can go into your DMR?

Clean dry recyclables, including

Paper – newspaper, magazines, office paper
Cardboard – cereal boxes, card
Metal Cans – Clean, empty drinks can and food tins
Plastic – packaging firms, empty drinks bottles, microwaveable meal trays, rinsed out margarine tubs

These can all be mixed together in one single container, as the time-consuming sorting process is conducted off site – by US!

What is not allowed?

Black bags, Liquids, Food and Canteen Waste, Wood, Glass and Ceramics, Polystyrene, Crisp Packets, Waxed Paper Cups


We offer a nationwide recycling service for businesses looking for a simple and effective way to improve their recycling.

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