Super 125 Fully Automatic Horizontal Baler

The SUPER 125 Series horizontal baling presses has been designed for its high-performance, power, and durability. The bale dimensions of the Super 125 series horizontal baling press offers optimal transport costs and is designed for high speed and power. This machine can process OCC, ONP, paper and solid waste MSW (Municipal Solid Waste), waste with a high compression.


This series of baler offers a 14-15 seconds faster cycle times, due to the high-speed hydraulic drive.

All the Super Series automatic baling presses have a independent cooling and filtration system as standard.

CONTROL PANEL FOR SUPER SERIES BALE PRESSES The Super125 model has a 5.6 “Wide Touch Screen with High Resolution. Within the control unit is the capability of selecting the correct settings through the programmable logistic controller. You therefore can easily perform any fine-tuning, making the machine optimized to work perfectly for your requirements.

Finally … All SUPER Series baler’s come with long life and reliable electro hydraulic components and with the extra HARDOX wear plates in the pressing tunnel as standard provide you with peace of mind that our machines are built to last!

Super 125 Fully Automatic Horizontal Baler SPEC

Vertical Binding “Bamatic” Twister box and inserter assembly can pivot for easy maintenance – Mechanical Cutting-Twister hydraulic motor controlled – Infrared Actuators fotoeye/ electromagnetic switch 3 point – Body shear blade replaceable special steel – Long range positioning – Bale table – Hopper View door – CAD documented replaceable abrasive resistant steel liners on the floor, sides and platens – RAL Colours to choose from. Conveyor controls and starters (Overloading control system) – Bale length meter and bale counter – Security Emergency Stop System – Excessive loading security system


Bewel Gearbox Type 7.5 kw Motor
Conveyor Belt type V-Type Heave Duty
Pallet type Steel Pallet
Overload warning and automatic stop feature Standard
Conveyor width (wall to wall – inside) 1600mm
Conveyor Length 14700mm
Underground distance 5150mm
Incline distance 9550mm

Customers can choose the RAL colour or use PAM standard colour (Black & Orange). Before painting the chassis is cleaned, painted with two protective coats and finally will receive another two finishing coats.


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Client Testimonials

"Since DJB came along and installed their system, we have gone from 100% landfill, to 0%.

We are saving thousands of pounds a year on recycling, compared to what we was spending on landfill."

- Peter Fewings, Technical Manager, Wembley Arena

"We partnered with DJB back in 2009 and by 2010 we had halved what went to landfill.

I am proud to say that now, nothing goes to landfill thanks to DJB, 100% is all recycled."

- Jonathan Rolfe, Operations Director, Truline

"The money we receive from recycling pays for all the equipment and the service we receive from DJB is fantastic.

Everything they promised would be done is done."

- Peter Johnson, Contracted Cleaning Manager, New Covent Garden