Halfords Select DJB Fully Automatic Baler

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Halfords Group plc have recently installed a DJB Fully Automatic Baler for cardboard recycling at their Coventry DC, the selected baler is capable of baling 4 tonnes per hour of cardboard waste. The key benefits of the machine are that the process is fully automated and requires minimal labour, all cardboard waste is disposed of into the loading hopper and then compressed in to mill size bales weighing in the region of 500kg per bale, the machine then ties off the bales which are then ready to be removed.


Once the cardboard has been produced in to mill size bales using the fully automatic baler the bales are then loaded on to a stand trailor and removed from site for the next recycling stage. The cardboard bales are then transported to a paper mill where the recycled cardboard is processed in to new board products.

The DJB fully automatic baler is available with various loading options, from, conveyor feed to air fed systems and is also available with varying throughput capabilities and able to bale many different types of recyclable material.

If you are currently considering installing a fully automatic baler or should you have any questions regarding our DJB fully automatic baler please do not hesitate to contact us on 01143094355.

All our machines are vigorously tested prior to delivery and come complete with CE marking and a declaration of conformity.