Horizontal baler are the right choice

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If your waste disposal and recycling needs mean large quantities, large volume and constant use then horizontal balers are the right choice. Large retail outlets, warehouses, logistical companies, big industries and anywhere that large levels of waste need to be handled on a daily basis will benefit from the power and efficiency of a horizontal baler.

These balers can meet a wide range of needs – and will handle huge volumes of paper, card, plastic, metals and more. Whatever your needs you can be assured that the horizontal balers available can meet them, without wasting power, money, space or time. The bales are automatically tied and sealed, ejected for easy handling, and can be recycled – bringing revenue to your business from your waste.

If you have a business that creates a lot of waste cardboard or plastic from packaging – for example large retail stores and warehouses, where huge volumes of products pass through the business every day – then a horizontal baler could be the perfect choice to handle that waste.

Not only does it make disposal simple and straightforward, and make the waste far easier to transport, which saves your business money through efficiency and space saving – the bales can often be sold once they’re ready, which brings additional revenue to your business. Whatever your waste handling needs these balers could save you money, make you money, and make the handling of your waste more efficient and less time consuming.

These horizontal balers come in a range of sizes, meaning that they suit a range of different business needs. Ideal for the kind of business environment which creates larger volumes of card or plastic waste. They are ideal for any environment which wants to handle waste more efficiently, for recycling or resale.