How to choose the Vertical Baler for your business

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Ideal for reducing waste paper, cardboard, cans and plastics, vertical balers are an ideal solution for businesses looking for a smaller option to recycling. For those with limited space to accommodate recycling machines, vertical balers are easy to use, efficient and leave little environmental impact.


How much material are you producing?

We provide a range of vertical balers to businesses across the country. The baler we provide depends on the amount of waste material the business is producing. If your business is producing large amounts of cardboard, you need a baler that is able to process this. Alternatively, if your business is producing large amounts of mixed waste, you will need to look for another option.


How much space do you have?

The beauty of vertical balers is, for the most part, they’re much smaller than regular semi-automatic horizontal baler. Look at the floor space you have available for a recycling baler, you have the option to choose between the Mini Baler, Midi Baler and Ultimate Mill Size Baler, all ranging in size and all producing different weight in bales. Measure your floor space and consider everything else in the area, then find the right size for you.


What’s your budget?

With saving money one of the most important things on a business owners mind, it’s vital to think of your budget when deciding between balers. Choosing the smallest and cheapest baler isn’t always the right option and could cost more in the long run. The wisest option you have when deciding between balers is to invest in something slightly bigger than you may need. This allows growth for your business and reduces the need to invest in more balers in the future.

Choosing the right baler allows your business to save money, time and space, but knowing which is the one for your business can be difficult. The size of baler will be determined by your needs, if you have a small throughput, vertical balers will be a more cost effective solution for your business. To ensure you’re getting the most value for money, and making the right decision we provide planning, installation, operator training and maintenance services for all businesses.


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