How Waste Compactors Can Benefit Your Company

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Modern static compactors are designed to fit comfortably into any office or business environment.

Office and business waste accounts for a tremendous overload of landfill sites in Britain. Landfill is not sustainable long-term — there is too much waste and not enough land! Environmentally, landfill sites are not the best option for your waste management solution. They need turning daily to prevent the build up of toxic gasses, and such methane build up is a major contributing factor in climate change. Britain needs to be aware of what we are doing to our future and the future of our great grandchildren. Landfill sites attract vermin and carrion and, if not managed correctly, they can spread disease. The may have their place, and for now they are necessary, but with a little conscious thought and responsibility, the tonnage levels that we drop into them every day could be reduced. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.


How Waste Compactors Can Benefit Your Company

An affordable, stylish and viable alternative to landfill is buying or hiring a portable compactor or baler. While they can be huge static compactors or balers, intended for industrial sized waste management, they can also be office sized waste compactors or waste balers that don’t look out of place in any corner of any office. They will sit next to a matching office based paper shredder or copier. The shredder will ensure the security of your business by destroying sensitive and confidential data and the baler, or static compactor, will either bind or compress your paper and cardboard waste onside. Using a baler or static compactor means that your waste takes up one tenth of the space that it needs in its original form. Waste compactors come in many shapes, sizes and styles and are suitable for any business.

Waste management companies will pick up your compacted and baled waste for you and you don’t have to pay them for the service — often they will pay you!

A small business can generate added income by doing the socially correct and environmentally conscious thing. Keep your waste paper basket close — and your waste compactor closer!