Local waste launches in South Yorkshire

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The way we dispose of business waste has changed dramatically over the years. No longer can we simply tip everything into a skip and send it to landfill.

Sending waste to landfill is expensive. The landfill tax continues to rise each year (regardless of whether we are in or out of the EU) making it increasingly expensive not to recycle. It’s also significantly damaging to the environment. For example, biodegradable waste, buried in a landfill site, produces methane – a gas that it 21 times more powerful than carbon dioxide as a greenhouse gas.

So why should a local business recycle its waste rather than dumping it. To start with it makes good business sense. Money can be made from recycling certain types of waste and it also ensures compliance with legislation aimed at encouraging businesses to send as little to landfill as possible.

To help local businesses comply with the law as well as fulfilling the requirements of ISO4001, we have launched a new local ‘collect and drop off’ service covering the South Yorkshire region. Using our own vehicles and local operatives means we can provide a highly tailored and localised service. We also have our own centrally located purpose designed waste recycling depot to further reduce the carbon footprint.

Our new service is ideal for all types of businesses. From local offices to pubs, clubs and retail outlets. It’s also very easy to operate. We take care of everything. We supply dedicated bins, that enable you to easily separate your general waste, dry mixed recycling (DMR) and cardboard and paper, and then collect and drop off a fresh container to an agreed schedule.

It’s that easy.


It’s also good for staff morale. Recycling at home is now second nature for most people so it makes sense to carry that enthusiasm through into the workplace. Most staff want to continue recycling at work. We make it easy for them to do that. It also makes the workplace a more pleasant place to work without the overflowing waste bins and possible unpleasant smells.

Using a local company is also good for the local economy. We are a family business and as with our staff, we all live in the local area and pay taxes that contribute to the local community.

It’s also good for the local businesses PR and social media. Green issues and reducing the carbon footprint make good news stories. For example, the Canal & River Trust has recently received a great deal of coverage with the news that by 2050 it is estimated that there will be more plastic than fish in the world’s oceans.

Local businesses, especially those that are entrenched in local matters, can gain a great deal of positive social media postings by the way that they contribute to their local community. Having a local company collect local waste and dealing with it locally is a positive PR story as is encouraging your staff to recycle at work.

And it’s not just paper and cardboard. We can also arrange to collect old computer equipment and accessories. Many businesses will upgrade to the latest machine with no real thought as to what they do with the old one. That’s why so many get stuck in a cupboard – out of sight out of mind – or dump it with their general waste. Much of this equipment can be recycled. And should be when you realise how toxic the components are. Safe when being used but potentially dangerous when broken up.

For example, the CPU contains toxic substances, lead is found in circuit boards (posing a major threat to both the land and the water supply) along with mercury and chromium. And motherboards and connectors often contain beryllium, which if inhaled as a dust can cause a life threatening allergic disease.

Just a few of the reasons, apart from taking up unnecessary space, for using a reputable company to safely dispose of computer and redundant electrical equipment.

In addition to the safe disposal of electrical equipment – in full compliance with the EU’s WEEE (waste electrical and electronics equipment) disposal regulations – we offer a wide range of local recycling services including a baled card / paper and plastic collection service that offers even higher financial rebates.

Our new local waste collect and drop service is now available throughout South Yorkshire six days a week.