Metal waste

Metal recycling is a particularly valuable recycling service as many metals can be reused repeatedly and the raw materials can be costly, this is why over 10 million tonnes of metal is recovered and recycled each year in the UK.

DJB Recycling provide a range of scrap metal collection options for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals with our website showing current market values. We offer a one-stop service for all your metal recycling needs, from aluminium and steel cans through to redundant white goods and old vehicles.

We provide various sizes of container, as well as specialist vehicles and scrap processing equipment to store and collect your waste safely and neatly, helping keep your site in a good condition and appearance.
Ferrous metal recycling

DJB Recycling collects all grades of ferrous scrap, arranging collection schedules and container sizes to suit your requirements. We also offer advice on how to maximize your waste metal value. The waste ferrous metal we collect for recycling includes:

Here’s a list of the types of metals we can recycle:

  • Old steel scrap
  • New steel scrap
  • Steel turnings
  • Steel cuttings
  • Low residual bales
  • New production heavy steel scrap
  • Light iron
  • Light cast
  • Cast iron borings
  • Foundry heavy cast iron
  • OA plate and girder

Non-ferrous metals:

  • Bright copper wire
  • Heavy copper
  • Braziery copper
  • Copper cable
  • Brass cuttings
  • Brass swarf
  • Brass and copper radiators
  • Mixed brass
  • Heavy brass
  • Gunmetal
  • Pure aluminium cuttings
  • Aluminium alloy cuttings
  • Zinc mixed scrap
  • Zinc cuttings
  • Stainless steel solids
  • Old rolled aluminium
  • Clean cast aluminium

Aluminium and steel can recycling:

DJB Recycling provide a specific service for aluminium can recycling, such as drinks and steel cans. We can collect them as separated can types either in large volumes compressed and baled or smaller volumes in bags or containers.

We can provide suitable storage containers or compactors and balers.

Scrap goods recycling:

The scrap metals and machinery we collect includes:

  • Fridge recycling
  • White goods recycling
  • Electrical goods recycling
  • Shredding services

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Client Testimonials

"Since DJB came along and installed their system, we have gone from 100% landfill, to 0%.

We are saving thousands of pounds a year on recycling, compared to what we was spending on landfill."

- Peter Fewings, Technical Manager, Wembley Arena

"We partnered with DJB back in 2009 and by 2010 we had halved what went to landfill.

I am proud to say that now, nothing goes to landfill thanks to DJB, 100% is all recycled."

- Jonathan Rolfe, Operations Director, Truline

"The money we receive from recycling pays for all the equipment and the service we receive from DJB is fantastic.

Everything they promised would be done is done."

- Peter Johnson, Contracted Cleaning Manager, New Covent Garden

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