Mill Size Balers for cardboard and plastic

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If your business needs to bale and handle large quantities of cardboard or plastic, and you’re looking for a baling solution that can handle high levels of use and volume, then a mill size baler may be ideal. With smaller footprints than some other styles of baler the mill size baler is a bigger version of a vertical baler, with the same benefits – but for a much higher volume of cardboard or plastic. Whether you’re looking to hire a mill size baler or buy one for your business there is such a large range available, that there is sure to be a model to suit your business waste management needs.

These mill size balers can produce larger, mill size bales – up to 500kg – which can bring revenue to your business, as well as being an efficient way to handle your large waste disposal needs. Whether it’s cardboard or plastic these balers can handle large volumes, and are very easy to load. They even have automatic bale ejection, making the handling of the bales produced simple for whatever methods you have in place.

The mill size balers are ideal for larger businesses and any industry with large quantities of cardboard and plastic waste. Retail outlets, garage forecourts and any business who has to handle lots of card or plastic waste will benefit from the efficient and straightforward, easy to use balers.

Not only are you saving money by handling your waste so effectively, these large bales can be sold, meaning you can recycle your waste and bring in revenue for your business. You can purchase new or refurbished models in a selection of sizes to suit your needs, many models are very economical to run and prove to be a great asset to businesses of all sizes.