Minimising Landfill Costs for your Business

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With our Waste to Energy package, we make sure none of your waste goes to landfill. However, there are a variety of ways your business can reduce the cost of landfill before your waste comes to us.

The construction industry produces a third of the UK’s total waste every year. The theatre industry in London alone has a carbon footprint equivalent to driving around the M25 1.5 million times.

The waste hierarchy should be at the forefront of even the unlikeliest of industries. Reducing landfill costs require a change of approach, from disposal to waste prevention, through reusing and recycling materials. Minimising the volume of waste you send to landfill will ultimately help to drive efficiency, financial performance and better practice.



The first step towards zero waste to landfill is a thorough audit of current business waste systems, including the amount, origin and composition of the waste. Whilst many businesses already have green strategies in place, its surprising what a thorough audit can uncover, and how much money your business could save. Simple actions such as minimising food waste could save an average of £800 for every business.

An audit also helps to give an oversight of the manufacturing process and helps to streamline the entire system to save further costs. Once the audit is complete, your business simply needs to apply the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle mantra.

For anything that can’t be applied to the mantra, that’s where we come in.


The whole team

For zero waste to work, everyone in the business needs to be on board. Whilst very few employees may jump at the idea additional work, implementing gradual targets throughout the company and celebrating small achievements may aid the process.


Zero waste to landfill can be implemented within any industry, to see how our work took logistics company, Truline, to a 100% recycled business watch the video below.

We’ve helped business in a variety of industries, including New Covent Garden and Wembley arena, to see the waste management processes we put in place – visit our Case Studies page.