Paper: Re-Use before Recycle

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From printing to note taking, reports to time sheets, chances are your business goes through large amounts of paper. Even if you’ve tried to take everything online, you more than likely can’t escape waste paper.

For most businesses and households, recycling paper is easy thanks to green recycling bins being easily accessible. However, recycling paper should be the last option, this is because it uses energy which otherwise wouldn’t be required. There are so many options available for paper and cardboard before you decide to dispose of it in the recycling bin.

• Tear it up and add it to your compost heap, it will mix in well with the kitchen scraps and can later be used in your garden soil
• Re-use it as gift wrap. It’ll save you money and save paper at the same time
• Make seedling pots and grow plants in your garden
• Clean your windows. Newspaper and vinegar is the perfect combination for streak free windows
• Shredded paper is ideal to use as pets bedding
• Need to ripen fruit? Wrap it in newspaper or pop it inside a paper bag
• Get crafty with the kids, teach them to make a paper airplane or garland


Almost 5 million tonnes of waste paper is still sent to landfill or incineration each year. If you just can’t find a use for your paper, here’s some things you need to know before putting it in the green box.

Is all paper recycled the same way?
Paper consists of fibers. The longer the fiber, the more valuable the paper is during the recycling process. As paper is recycled more and more, the fibers become shorter and therefore ‘downcycled’ into tissue or toilet roll.

Recycling shredded paper
Once you shred your paper, it shortens the fibers we were talking about earlier. It is still recyclable, however its harder to find a recycler that will take it. Before shredding paper, think about why you’re shredding it. If it doesn’t have confidential information on it, it doesn’t need to be shredded before going in the recycle box.

Recycling wet and ruined paper
Food is one of the worst contaminants when it comes to recycling paper. Having paper covered in grease, oil or other liquids become a problem for paper recycling. When paper products are recycled they are mixed with water and turned into a slurry, if the water is already covered in oil – it will not mix well.

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Recycled paper and card comes in different shapes and sizes. There’s scrap paper such as old newspapers, magazines, phone directories, office waste and waste paper as well as more specialised stock such as confidential documents and bulk paper products. If you’re looking for a hassle free way of recycling your paper. Find more information here or give is a call.