Portable Compactors for waste disposal

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There are a range of waste disposal methods available to modern businesses – and finding the right equipment to suit your needs can be confusing. Portable compactors are a great solution for businesses who want convenient, efficient, practical waste disposal that isn’t going to be complicated or messy to use.

A portable compactor can come in a range of sizes, and is great for any business with high waste levels and limited space. The portable compactor is a complete unit – and can either be a smaller model which is loaded by hand, ideal for small businesses, or a larger, bin loading model which suits bigger businesses with higher levels of waste.

Many portable compactors have the added advantage of being fully sealed and contained, preventing any leaks. This makes them suitable for companies that produce wet waste and food waste. They are an efficient and hygienic way to dispose of your business waste, with no fuss.

Your portable compactor can be positioned in a convenient location and when it gets full it is collected, emptied, cleaned and returned – meaning that disposing of your waste needn’t be a headache.

Even the smallest of portable compactors can dispose of up to two tonnes of waste – and does so quietly and efficiently. The portable compactor can also come in larger models that can compact waste up to twelve tonnes – which is perfect for busy businesses who don’t want to worry about complicated waste disposal methods.

The portable compactor range will suit most small businesses, particularly those with wet waste and food waste, and there’s a range of sizes and designs that will suit a range of needs, from smaller businesses to larger industries, from locations with plenty of room to those with limited space.