Recycling Balers and their Benefits

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Many companies benefit from recycling balers. If your business involves regular handling of waste material, recycling machinery is vital.

We’ve outlined just a few benefits recycling balers have for your business, as well as breakdown the ins and outs of the machines below.


What is a Recycling Baler?
Recycling Balers are used to compact recyclables such as cardboard, paper, plastics into ‘bales’ to be easily stacked and transported for resale to recycling companies.

Balers come in a variety of sizes, including Vertical Balers and Semi Auto Horizontal Balers with each type of baler is designed to accommodate different business needs.


Horizontal Balers
All Horizontal Balers, including both Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic will handle huge volumes of paper, card, plastics and more.

Beneficial to larger retail outlets and warehouses, the key advantage of this type of baler is that their operation can be fully automated.

Loading can be automated through a conveyor belt, helping to improve the speed of operation and efficiency.


Vertical Balers
Relatively cheaper than Horizontal Balers, Vertical Balers work well for business with smaller quantities of waste. Although they need an operator for the loading and unloading process, the savings businesses make from increasing their recycling make up for this.

There are many benefits to baling your recycling versus having material hauled away ‘loose’.


If you’re looking to save money on waste and increase your businesses recycling effort, get in touch.