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equipment for sale

We have new recycling equipment for sale with the PAM Super Series range of fully automatic horizontal recycling balers are built for quality and reliability making them the perfect choice for your recycling solution.


Looking for recycling equipment?

The Super Series are suitable for baling some of the below materials:

  • Baling Cardboard
  • Baling Plastic Bottles
  • Baling Paper
  • Baling Plastic


“baling press that will produce well-shaped, heavy, stackable bales at a realistic price”


All of the PAM fully automatic horizontal balers are fitted with a shear blade cutting system as standard which ensures uniform, high density bales. Every machine is designed and manufactured to the highest possible standard with safety and quality being at the forefront of the design. All of the PAM fully automatic balers come with a high resolution wide touch screen control unit which has the capability of selecting the correct settings for your choice of material through a programmable logic controller. You therefore can easily perform any fine-tuning, making the machine optimized to work perfectly for your requirements. The PAM twin ram baler operates by compacting the material to be baled in an enclosed chamber. This produces a uniform bale size combined with the highest possible bale density. The TR200 two ram fully automatic baler is the perfect machine to handle large volumes of difficult material, even in the most demanding environment. production of high density uniform bales mean that waste handling and transportation costs are minimised. The TR200 is, therefore, widely used for baling rigid plastics and municipal domestic waste and would be suitable in applications such as waste transfer stations and waste merchants.   For more information please call