Supporting Against Breast Cancer

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Supporting Against Breast Cancer – Against Breast Cancer is dedicated to funding ground breaking research to improve detection and increase survival after breast cancer diagnosis. They are particularly focussing on new ways that could help doctors identify and treat secondary breast cancer earlier, faster and more effectively

About Cartridge Recycling:

Over 350 million cartridges are thrown into our landfills annually – that’s over 29 million cartridges a month. More than 2 litres of oil are used to produce each laser cartridge. By using ABC’s recycling scheme, you can prevent landfill waste and help to conserve non-renewable natural resources such as metals and the oil necessary for new plastic. The donation to ABC by their recycling partner is based on the value of cartridges collected so more cartridges mean more funds.

In addition to the collection boxes that hold a quantity of cartridges, there are also A5 envelopes available for small quantities of inkjet cartridges and unwanted mobile phones. Delivery and collection of the collection boxes is free.


About Bra Banks:

This exciting project keeps textiles out of landfill, helps small businesses in Africa and raises funds for our ground breaking research.  The donation to ABC’s research, by their recycling partner, is based on the weight of the bank so more bras mean more funds. Delivery and collection of the filled bank liners is free  so to consider the environment and minimise the transport costs do  wait until you have filled at least 2 liners before having them collected.


Supporting Against Breast Cancer