Tackling Waste in Arenas, Stadiums and Event Venues

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From Boxing fans to Beyoncé fans, arenas and venues welcome a variety of different people through their doors every day. A growing number of venues have already looked to the mass amount of waste being produced and improved their recycling efforts, saving thousands of pounds every year.


If you’re looking to join these venues and improve your recycling efforts, we’ve outlined key strategies for you to use below.


Be strategic with Waste Bins and Recycling Bins

To ensure visitors are doing their bit when it comes to recycling, make sure your bins are well located and easy to find. For every waste bin you have, make sure there’s a recycling bin next to it, subtly encouraging your visitors to recycle their plastic bottle, without having to make a special trip to another bin. If your venue needs recycling bins to accommodate a variety of different materials, make sure they’re colour coded and clearly labelled so there’s no confusion with what bin to use. Make recycling as simple as possible for your visitor.


Talk to your suppliers

Is the packaging your venue is using recyclable? Work with your suppliers to make sure anything you sell is packaged in material that can be recycled after use. Refusing to accept non-recyclable material in the first place means you don’t need to figure out a way to dispose of it later. Working with your suppliers and outlining your recycling goals, helps you to find a supplier that will work the best for you and also have the capabilities to provide what you’re looking for.


Make sure everyone’s on board

Your team are one of the most important factors for improving recycling in your venue. Informing them about your new recycling initiative means they’re more likely to get on board and follow the new rules. From the team who clean the arena after an event, to the those selling the customers food, they all have a vital role in improving recycling within the arena.


Training from the experts

You’ll be surprised at the materials that can be recycled. Make sure your team are clued up on the materials they’re handling and how it can be recycled. When someone is confident and know what they’re doing, they’re more likely to want to follow the new recycling scheme you’re putting into place. At DJB Recycling, we offer the full package, from supplying you with the right materials to working with you and your team letting you know the best ways to recycle.


Reinvest the money you’ve saved

By increasing your recycling efforts, you’re reducing the amount of money you spend sending your waste to landfill. Arena’s and businesses we’ve helped in the past have spent the extra money in a variety of different ways, from putting a percentage aside for staff rewards to donating to charity, or just simply investing the money into more recycling equipment.

What are you going to do with all of the extra money?


We’ve worked with a variety of venues and arena’s in the past to improve their recycling efforts. We’re proud to say that our system has helped Wembley Arena go from 100% landfill to 0%.



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