The Green Approach to School Waste

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There are almost 34,000 schools in the UK, all playing a vital role in dealing with waste. Since school waste is up to 80% recyclable, separating general waste from recyclable materials makes a major difference.


Education on Recycling

Recycling in schools gives us the opportunity to teach students about the impact of waste on the environment and allows students to pick up good habits when they’re young. Schools and pupils discard thousands of recyclable resources each year, including paper, cans, bottles, electronics, batteries, food and more.

It is estimated, public schools produce 483, 520 pounds of waste every day. If all schools became careful recyclers, the impact on our environment would be huge.


Improving your School’s Recycling

There’s a lot more to recycling than just putting the right thing in the right box. Here’s our top tips for recycling more at school.


  • Position recycling points around your school – Have recycling boxes in every room, including the office, staff room and kitchen. Placing both the recycling and general waste next to each other makes it easier for both staff and children to decide which bin to use.
  • Lead by example – Make sure all of your staff are on board. If students see teachers throwing cans in the general waste, they’re more than likely to do the same thing. There’s also so many ways recycling can be turned into an engaging lesson or school project. A quick internet search will provide a range of ideas and ways to incorporate recycling into particular subjects.
  • Get Educated – For your recycling efforts to be successful, it’s important to know the right things to recycle, and what bins to put them in. As part of our local waste service, we supply you with dedicated wheelie bin containers, enabling your business to segregate general waste from dry mixed recycling, cardboard, paper and glass materials.
  • Get your school’s recycling collected – The biggest reason schools and businesses choose not to recycle, is no-one wants to make an extra journey to properly discard of the materials. As part of our waste collection services, you can rely on us to be on time and fully prepared to collect your waste and dispose of it in the right way – without disturbing any lessons!


Still not convinced about recycling at your school? Recycling is cheaper than sending waste to landfill, saving the environment and your school budget (meaning more money for tea and biscuits in the staff room).

For more information on our waste management and waste collection services for your school. Visit our Local Waste page.