Total Waste Management

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total waste managment

DJB Recycling is a turnkey total waste management company. DJB Recycling provides a FULL SERVICE that caters for a huge range of discarded materials in an efficient and seamless manner, recycling these materials whenever possible. We work with ALL types of businesses both large and small. We are a UK company which offer a nationwide service. We were in this business long before it became fashionable and have built up significant levels of experience in waste recycling and waste management that we can bring to bare on your project.


Waste management is a complex business. Finding the right partner to work with you to maximise the the efficiency of your organisations management of waste is not easy.

Here are 4 reasons why DJB Recycling is the right partner for you.

  1. Save Money – we will also maximise the opportunity to reduce the impact of the Landfill Tax and DJB Recycling Consultants will undertake a “free of charge” Site Survey to help minimise the impact of this tax and also look for “waste rebates” to help your organisation further benefit from our services.
  2. Recycling equipment manufacture – DJB Recycling manufactures and services Waste Balers and Compactors for every conceivable situation.
  3. Bespoke Recycling Solutions – Services that are tailored to your companies needs and the needs of the environment.
  4. Ongoing Customer Service – We are up to date with the latest legislation to give you peace of mind that all your waste will be dealt with professionally and within EU guidelines.



DJB manufactures waste balers, waste compactors and also supply recycling containers and baler consumables to the requirements appropriate for your business and appropriate to your recycling needs. This means our services will be designed exactly to your volumes where and when the services is required. This gives peace of mind that we are working with you and your business needs.