Ultimate mill size balers

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If a company is producing industrial waste, sooner or later they are going to need a baler, be it an ultimate mill size baler, an alternative mill size balers or one of the many other types of baler available. In the near future, responsible waste management is going to be mandatory.

With 60 tonnes of pressing power producing 500kg bales, an ultimate mill-size baler, or alternative mill-size baler is the perfect choice for producing bales effecting optimum use of transport space. They have multiple pressing options allowing for a large range of materials to be baled. Other required functions of the ultimate mill-size baler are the introduction of emergency cut-off switches and fully automated doors and bale ejection. This cuts down on manual strain and the risk of injury due to poor safeguarding practises. With an alternative mill-size baler there is no further need to flat pack boxes, potentially saving hundreds of man hours a year, and an alternative mill-size baler has a small carbon footprint.


Ultimate mill size balers available

While a high number of worked hours are lost through unnecessary waste management and not having the best systems in place, the real cost is far greater. The cost to the environment is enormous.

For years government has been trying to encourage responsible waste management but many companies refuse to listen. Things are going to get tight for those companies. Legislation is becoming increasingly strict; rather than encouraging responsible waste management, the UK and Europe are marching towards enforcing it. It’s a fact that clean, fast, automated waste management systems improve public perception. Some environmentally aware companies are refusing to do business with less responsible suppliers and more customers are finding green issues important to decision making when deciding who do to business with.

Legislation is tightening and enforcement of waste management issues is coming, non compliance will mean prosecution. Soon being green will not be a choice, it is going to be law.