Vertical Balers Available

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Compressing large volumes needn’t take large floor space; there are a wide range of vertical balers available that can carry out the job, compressing card or plastic into condensed bales and wrapping them safely for easy transportation.

Whatever your business needs there are vertical compressors that will suit your needs; from small machines that are perfect for retail outlets right through to larger, industrial machines that will work their way through large volumes. Whatever the level of compression you need your baler to carry out vertical balers are perfect for businesses who want efficiency without compromising on space. These designs have a small footprint, meaning that you can find the perfect spot without wasting valuable room.

Retail outlets, garage forecourts or even hospitality businesses – the vertical baler is ideal for any smaller businesses who have low-medium levels of cardboard and/or plastic waste that they want to handle with efficiency and no fuss. Simply load your waste into the vertical baler you choose. The range begins with small balers for occasional use, to larger machines that will suit a busier environment. You can safely and efficiently bale your waste, and it will be secured for easy transportation and disposal with baler cord.

Our range of vertical balers are no fuss, low noise and straightforward to use. They can reduce your cardboard and plastic waste to more manageable levels, quickly and simply. If you are a small business, or a business with limited space, and want a way to efficiently manage your cardboard waste then the vertical balers – which can either be front or top loading, depending on the space available and your needs – are an ideal solution.