Vertical balers: from mini baler to alternative mill size baler

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A midi baler will be adequate to service most small to moderate company requirements. Here, we separate vertical balers into three categories based on baler size and waste output in terms of weight.

When buying or hiring a baler there are some important factors to consider. What is the baler required to do? What material is it going to be baling? What are the spatial and output requirements of the company?


Vertical balers: from mini baler to alternative mill size baler

Consideration should be given to the size of the material to be baled. Will the vertical baler cope with the level of work expected of it during the busiest times of day? How will the baler be fed and is there adequate storage for the bales after they’ve been produced?

Thought needs to be given to the proximity of the waste and where the baler is situated. Is the flooring adequate to support the weight of the equipment, and has the electrical supply been checked to see that the voltage is sufficient to cope with the additional demands?

As well as finding space to accommodate the baler, thought needs to extend to all the external equipment necessary to run it. Has the operator got enough room to move safely around the area? Is there enough room to accommodate conveyors, feeding apparatus and the air system? Is there enough surrounding space to feed and eject the waste product?

Mini balers at the budget end of the range start from around 24 inches and are ideal for tight spaces. They only require low overhead clearance and will fit under an 8ft ceiling. Although compact, they will still handle bales of around a 100 pounds. They are ideal for small offices and retail outlets.

A midi baler is the standard sized baler in the range and probably the most commonly sought, producing averages of 1,000 to 1,300 pound bales. They reduce the cost of storage and transportation while maximising the recycling revenue and are ideal for supermarkets and hotels.

An alternative mill size baler is the heavy duty model suitable for tyres, scrap metal and heavy textiles. They will produce up to 1,800 pound bales and can handle the toughest requirements with routine efficiency. As with all balers, they have low maintenance requirements and are expected to last for many years even with heavy use.