Waste Compactor to handle your waste

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In modern business it’s impossible to avoid waste, however hard we try to ensure we are recycling and correctly handling our waste. It can also be expensive to dispose of the waste generated each and every day. Most businesses pay a premium rate to have their waste handled properly. If you have a small business that produces a low-medium amount of waste, and you’re keen to save some money on the disposal of that waste, a waste compactor could be the ideal solution.

With the ability to compact waste to 50% of the original volume, investing in a waste compactor could halve your waste disposal costs. Simple to use, efficient, and taking up very little space, a waste compactor is the ideal solution for smaller businesses or those with very limited space to handle their waste. If you have industrial bins, these waste compactors come in a range of sizes to suit, and are very easy and safe to use.

Whether you need a portable or a static waste compacting method, we have a range of different equipment that will suit your business needs. If you handle your waste more efficiently you will save your business money – and even in some cases bring revenue into the business, selling compacted recycling. Compacting waste is better for the environment, makes waste disposal much easier and has the potential to save you money.

If you want to learn more about waste compactors and whether they will suit your business needs, it is important to remember that whatever space you have available and whatever volume of waste you want to handle, there will be a waste compactor available to meet your waste disposal needs.