Waste compactors and recycling equipment: In-house and off-site

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Automatic balers, waste compactors, compressors, conveyors and trommels are words that most people don’t give much thought to but they are hugely instrumental in protecting the environment.

William Blake wrote the famous line, “In England’s green and pleasant land,” and these days it has never been easier or more socially encouraged to focus on the colour green. Britain cannot continue to throw waste away without thought or care for the environment. All over the country there are Materials Recovery Facilities (MRF) that will pay to take away industrial waste.


Waste compactors and recycling equipment: In-house and off-site

Every office, shop, factory, restaurant, school or institute will almost certainly generate some recyclable waste material and, whether it is a large corporation that calls for automatic balers and waste compactors, or a small retail unit employing two counter assistants, there is a waste management solution to suit. People often think that the cardboard boxes left from their weekly order don’t warrant a collection. Waste management companies will bring covered skips for storing cardboard or plastic waste until a collection is valid. The skips come with their own key to prevent other businesses or individuals from dumping unsorted waste, and, if the customer shops around, the recycling company will pay for removal by the ton. Not all waste management solutions pay for removal so it’s always worth asking when making enquiries.

There are generally two methods for waste collection: If it is only a small outlet, the waste can be collected fortnightly or even monthly, as per requirements, by a mobile waste compactor and taken to the MRF for treatment.

However, if it is a large corporation, they can either buy or hire their own waste recycling equipment. The equipment used is varied to cater for particular needs but generally, the company will need storage skips and a baler, it can be an automatic baler, a vertical or a horizontal one. They may even need a mill-sized baler to cope with binding their waste and they can either hire or buy waste compactors to reduce the waste into a manageable size for removal.

Large Corporation’s may also benefit from a series of trommels, screens, conveyors and other equipment to separate and sort their waste in-house.