Waste Management for Builders and the Construction Industry

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Arguably the industry to create the most daily waste, building and construction work require regular clean ups to ensure both the safety of workers and public passing by.

Whilst it’s easy to throw waste into the skip and call it a day, a waste management system for construction business can be easy to put into practice.


Designing for the future (Sustainable Design)

With the government putting pressure on the construction industry to reduce waste, businesses are having to incorporate the design process into their waste systems. Designing to adapt an already existing building will lower the demand for demolition and as a result reduce the amount of waste and debris being produced.

Designing for deconstruction puts an emphasis on the materials your construction business use. Reducing waste when the material is constructed together as well as foreshadowing and using materials that can be recycled at the end of use.


Eco-Friendly Construction

Considering the environment when choosing materials to work with is vitally important. Using low-impact materials that have already been recycled from other construction projects not only reduces the amount of waste being created but also reduces the need for buying new.

Great ways to ensure you’re reusing existing materials instead of purchasing more include collaborating with other businesses as well as stock piling crushed materials from early phases of a project to use later.


Hazardous Waste

Whether it be batteries, chemicals or old equipment, most construction sites will have to deal with disposing of hazardous waste at some point. It is important to separate your oils, solvents, pesticides and other hazardous materials from your general waste, so when they are collected they go through the correct specialist processes before any attempts to recycle them.

When you decide to reuse as much hazardous waste as possible, you help to prevent more being produced,

The ultimate goal when it comes to recycling building waste is to produce as little non-recyclable waste as possible. Over the last decade there have been significant improvements and investments in the types of materials that can be recycled and reused, but there’s still a long road to build.


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