Waste Management tips for Facilities Managers, Building Managers and Caretakers

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Up to 56% of UK businesses are not fully compliant with their legal responsibilities under the waste management legislation. Facilities Managers, Building Managers and Caretakers can help businesses to avoid serious fines by improving their premises waste management efforts.

Just one simple change could save your business from hefty fines and landfill tax costs.


Waste Audit
It’s important to begin to identify any waste and recycling problems that occur during the waste management process so you can quickly and easily ‘nip them in the bud’. Understanding and addressing the most significant causes within the business will improve recycling efforts. Audits can identify how much money your business could save, on both sending waste to landfill and equipment expenditures, as well as an oversight of your manufacturing process and help to streamline your existing waste management system to save on further costs.


Reuse and Recycle
How often do you throw unused, leftover material in the waste? Giving serious consideration to whether materials can be used elsewhere or in future projects helps to reduce the amount of waste you’re producing, as well as save your business money when it comes to purchasing extra materials.

If leftover materials are a common problem within an organisation, facilities managers may need to work with their purchasing teams. Your business may be spending extra money on materials that are being wasted. Collaborating with your purchasing team and taking into account the full life-cycle of materials and costs rather than just an initial price will help to reducing spending and waste material.


Containers and Collection
Evaluate the amount of foot traffic that happens within your business. Are waste and recycling bins easily accessible for all?

After considering the amount of people your business accommodates on a daily basis you can determine how many bins and recycling containers you need for both inside and outside of your building.

In stadiums and busy shopping centres, for example, foot traffic will be heavy from all areas and people will be walking in different directions. You will need a container that can be accessed from all areas to work with the flow of traffic.


High Impact Imagery
Bold, easily identifiable images are vital for success. Use colours to catch people’s attention so they know where to dispose of their waste. Having easily identifiable waste and recycling bins will help with segregation and collection.


Measure your results and share them
Even if you’ve had a waste management strategy implemented for a while, it’s important to relaunch and remind people where the bins are and what can be recycled. Then ensure you maintain communication through monthly meetings or reports to keep a waste strategy top priority.


Don’t leave it to just your building manager. Collaborating with waste management experts ensures your business is on the right path to increasing its recycling efforts.

We provide a bespoke service to businesses throughout the UK, including pubs, clubs, offices, schools and retail outlets. Supplying you with dedicated wheelie bin containers, enabling your business to easily segregate general waste, dry mixed recycling (DMR), cardboard, paper and glass material.


With our wide range of services, we ensure all materials collected are 100% diverted from landfill.

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